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Waqi Sdn Bhd is established in Brunei Darussalam in 1998 , is a fully Bumiputera company fully committed providing excellent products and services to our clients satisfaction while maintaining a Safe and Healthy Environment for our staff in accordance with our company HSE Policy as well as meeting our clients requirement and guidelines.

Waqi Sdn Bhd is a registered vendor for Brunei Shell Joint Venture Companies , Brunei Methanol Company, Brunei Fertilizer Indurtries as well other Oil & Gas companies. We represent several International companies who engaged in the design, manufacture and supply of equipment and Provision of Specialized Services used by our valued Clients in their Operation. Most of our Principals are acredited as approved Equipement Original Manafacture and likely to be on the TAMAP Approved Vendor List Kept by Shell International.

In line with nations aspirations for advancing the development of the people of Brunei Darussalam, our staff are citizens and permanent residents of Brunei Darusslam and are given full product knowledge as well as all required HSE training as mandated by their assigned task

Our Projects

  • 3 Year Price Agreement for the supply of Stainless Steel Tubing- Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • 3 Year Price Agreement for the supply of Linepipe & Fittings- Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • Supply, Test & Commission of 5 Ton Hand Operated Travelling Crane - Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • Supply, Install & Test of a 20KM GRE Pipeline for Diesel Fuel - Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • 5 Years Supply, Install, Test & Commission of Permanent Down Hole - Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • Laser Scanning Survey of Major Offshore Complexes - Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • 3 Year Price Agreement for the Supply of Anti-Slip Stair Nosings - Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • Supply, Install, Test, Commission & Training for Oil-in-W ater - Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • Supply of Caisson & Potable W ater Pumps - Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • Steam Valve Packing Replacement for Stork Boilers – BLNG
  • Upgrade, Test & Commission 3 units of Electrically Operated Travelling Crane from 16T to 20Tons – BLNG
  • Supply, Install, Test & Commission of Vertical Boring Machine, Surface Grinding Machine & Pillar Drilling – BLNG
  • Upgrading of LPG Bottling Plant – BLNG
  • Steam Valve Packing Replacement for CDU – Brunei Refinery
  • Catalyst Sieving for Reactors – Brunei Refinery
  • Decoking & Descaling Technology for Reformer – Brunei Refinery
  • Supply, Install, Test & Commission for Jet A1 pumps & Fire Water Pump – Brunei Shell Marketing
  • Supply of Various Corporate Gift Items - Brunei Shell Marketing
  • BLNG Overhead Cranes Maintenance Contract – BLNG
  • JORIN Vipa Skid Analyzer Maintenance Contract - Brunei Shell Petroleum
  • 5 Years Price Agreement For The Supply Of PPE – PETRONAS BRUNEI (PCBL)
  • Supply of ISC Personnel Gas Detector and Area Monitoring (Rental Term) - CIC, Amec Wood & BSP Contractors.
  • Supply of Self Confine Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Confine Space equipments. (Rental Term) - BSP Contractors

Our Clients

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